Putting porn into perspective

Pornography is everywhere. We are inundated with it online so much so that with a few clicks of the mouse we can have access to real-time porn anytime we want. In fact, it’s hard to imagine that adult magazines with their one dimensional images ever cut it!

But is all this in-your-face porn a good thing?

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Dealing with infidelity

More than 60% of men and 45% women admit to having an affair. In fact, research indicates more than two- thirds of marriages will experience sexual infidelity.

You are probably thinking that it's amazing so many relationships experience such upheaval, yet there are reasons why people risk having an affair and incredibly some couples do survive.

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When her sex drive is stronger

We’ve all heard that men always want sex and yes, many men do have a high, robust drive – recent research indicates that 44% or more of men have experienced interest in sex daily (or more) over the past six months. However, not all men are the sexual aggressor and initiator.

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