Sexual Relationship Counselling

Generally it is difficult to treat a sexual problem in a difficult relationship. Clients often believe that the sexual problem is the cause of the relationship discord. However in our experience, in many cases the relationship problems contribute towards the sexual issues.

Sexual relationship issues can be big or small, yet they are usually always manageable. Ideally couples should seek help as soon as difficulties arise – it is no different than going to a doctor when you have flu or gastro symptoms for example, or seeing your dentist if you have toothache. Earlier intervention is always better – so call us today! Irrespective of whether you think the underlying problems is your partner’s problem or yours – ultimately you are affected. However you can manage the issue, either individually or as a couple. Usually your issue can be resolved so that your overall wellbeing and relationship can reach its full potential. Irrespective of your relationship status, communication often needs to be enhanced to facilitate better understanding and interaction between the couple. This is where we can assist.

Sexual relationship counselling can address a wide range of issues: