Elaine George

Elaine George founded and is the Director of Clinical Sexology Australia.  She practises as a clinical sexologist in Neutral Bay and also conducts workshops and speaks publicly on sexual health issues.  She is qualified to diagnose and manage the range of male issues, female issues or couple issues that affect sexual wellbeing and optimal health.

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After completing her Masters degree in Health Sciences /Sexual Health in 2009 at the University of Sydney, Elaine undertook a PhD in ‘Men's Sexual Desire’ in this relatively under-researched area. She is determined to dispel the myth that only women suffer from variations in sexual desire – in fact there are many women out there in our predominantly ‘male macho Australian culture’ who are perplexed and sometimes suffer in silence as they think that they are the only ones who have a husband/partner with low desire/libido.   

Elaine strongly believes in the need to help remove the negative stigma so often attached to various sexual issues and in so doing encourage people to seek assistance – as often only temporary intervention is required for issues to be resolved.  Medication is not always essential – in fact many medications can be detrimental, or the underlying cause of the sexual difficulty.  

Elaine is keen to promote further awareness of all sexual issues that can impede one’s overall sense of wellbeing to the medical and lay community – hence the founding of Clinical Sexology Australia which she anticipates will grow to become nationally and internationally recognised. She is available to talk to any group/audience on a wide range of sexual issues, and can facilitate dynamic workshops that can be customised to participants’ needs.

Elaine adopts a holistic approach in consultations with clients.  She seeks to identify and assess all the factors that affect sexual wellbeing/functioning including the environment, relationship status, psychological health, physical and emotional health and focuses on the whole individual.

If you would like to contact Elaine George directly, please email elaine@sexologyaustralia.com.au