Professional Sex Therapy

Sexology has evolved as a professional and specialised area of therapy which investigates the many physical and psychological reasons for sexual difficulties that may require temporary assistance to resolve. Sometimes a doctor's evaluation and medication may be necessary, and a sexologist can complement the medical treatment.

With the assistance of a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist, key issues can be identified and appropriate strategies implemented to help you achieve optimal sexual health and satisfaction

Sexual issues can cause personal and relationship tension and breakdown.  The first step to resolving sexual difficulties is to identify the problem areas and investigate the options for management/treatment.

There are a number of options available in the treatment and management of sexual difficulties and often only temporary intervention is required.  Sexology incorporates all the options into a holistic treatment plan and implements appropriate strategies to help you achieve optimal sexual health and satisfaction.
Professional sex therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating a wide range of sexual problems, including: