Essential for All Health Professionals:

An Introduction and Overview of Clinical Sexology: Men and Women's Sexual Wellbeing - 2 Day Workshop

Presenters - Clinical Sexologist, Elaine George and "Embarassing Bodies" expert and GP, Dr Brad McKay

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Essential for All Working Professionals:

Redefining Emotional Resilience - How to think and be resilient

Presenters - Clinical Sexologist, Elaine George

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What is Normal?!

We want to help you (and/or your partner) overcome possible shyness, awkwardness or embarrassment about questions you may have had for a long time – but never been able to ask!  This is your opportunity to have all those ‘curly’ questions answered and issues addressed – rest assured, the questions will be anonymous!  This workshop provides an opportunity to learn or finetune your existing knowledge; and reassurance that you and your relationship is “normal” because quite often how we define normal in our own minds is wrong and misleading – which then leads to self-doubt, frustration and relationship meltdown....

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Sustaining Passion

The passionate sex phase of relationships typically lasts from 6 to 24 months, yet many couples believe they should be able to sustain a high-desire, high-performance sexual bond throughout the lifecycle. If they can't transition to a more realistic sexual style after the infatuation phase, sexuality can play a powerfully negative role in their relationship. This workshop addresses how committed couples-straight or gay, married or unmarried-can identify their most comfortable, functional sexual bond. You'll leave knowing how to set positive, realistic sexual expectations and value the full possibilities of your sexual relationship.

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Reigniting the Flame after Children

Passion fades and that is a reality irrespective of whether children are present.

Elaine is a strong advocate for overcoming long-term marriage/relationship issues particularly when the passion fades typically after 18 months - 2 years which inevitably has an effect on a couple’s sex life.  However irrespective of whether difficulties are attributed to children, work stress or other problems, she is adamant that couples can regain psychological and emotional intimacy in the chaos and demands of daily life – but she cautions – couples have to work at it!  

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Emotional and Physical Intimacy
Presenters - Clinical Sexologist, Elaine George and Practical Parenting's Relationship Expert, Elly Taylor 

A 3-Hour Workshop that will prepare you both and help to keep the sparkle...(what we don't get taught at antenatal classes!!)

Relationships inevitably change in the lead up to and arrival of your baby.  This entertaining and informative 3-hour workshop will cover everything you wanted to know about sex and intimacy – after baby....but were afraid to ask!

Elaine and Elly will discuss what's normal, what's not, and what's realistic when a baby arrives. Both will inspire you to gain confidence in renegotiating your relationship through the often sleepless and sexless nights.  Being prepared and empathic is essential to sustain the intimacy and connection between you throughout the turbulent times ahead, and strengthen your bond.

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Juggling Numerous Hats: Multiple Roles of Women

Elaine reflects: “Introduced into the mayhem of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers and the quagmire of issues that a woman confronts as a mother, wife, lover, and professional worker – automatically generates a myriad of dilemmas that affect how women successfully adjust, prioritise and juggle their multiple roles”. All women struggle with personal choices, and yet many still wonder what happened to the feminist movement!  Welcome to the era of the ‘super-mum’. Yes husbands/partners are generally more ‘hands-on’ than in the past, but this also brings new challenges and predicaments as we constantly re-prioritise what is important in our daily life for sanity, happiness and fulfilment!
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After the Honeymoon: How Conflict can Enhance Your Marriage

You may be beginning to ask yourself how you are supposed to spend the rest of your life together.  The memories of the wedding and honeymoon are fading fast, you have moved on from the golden glow and trance of love, and you and your beloved seem to be at war with everything, including the trivial stuff!  We become angry, defensive and uncompromising because of our inability to confide that we feel hurt or threatened, or because of the hidden compromises we aren't able to articulate. In this comprehensive workshop, learn how you can transform conflict into intimate conversations and reconnect.

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Men’s Perspective – How to Understand Women Better!

This will be an entertaining and informative workshop for all men to attend – and we would like to make it compulsory for all men about to get married! Forewarned is forearmed, but this workshop will help both the male and his fiancée as they learn to adjust to the challenges of communicating effectively with one another.

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Rekindling Desire and Re-introducing Eroticism

This workshop provides pragmatic and sensitive support for couples that have started to drift apart or feel less connected to one another.  The workshop will provide the guidance some couples so desperately seek to revitalise their low-sex or no-sex marriages. Couples will learn how to work together as an intimate team to confront guilt, anger, anxiety and shame; cultivate attitudes, behaviours and emotions that facilitate intimacy and desire; increase their sexual awareness; and develop strategies that integrate intimacy, pleasuring, and eroticism to rejuvenate sexuality and in so doing energize their marital bond.

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